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The Truth About Vaccines Event 2017

The Truth About Vaccines 2017 [Free Event]

The Truth About Vaccines

event is sponsored by , co-founder and host of The truth About Cancer event that took place last year.

Start Date: Wednesday, April 12th, 2017, 9PM EST, 6PM PST

Online Event

Price: $00.00 (Free)

The Truth About Vaccines 2017


  • Do vaccines confer immunity?
  • Are there natural options to vaccination?
  • What questions should you ask before you vaccinate?
  • Were vaccines responsible for the declines in polio, pertussis, smallpox, etc?
  • What about the flu shot and the HPV vaccine?
  • Why do outbreaks occur in mostly vaccinated populations?
  • Why are some states considering implementing forced vaccine legislation?
  • What ingredients are contained in the most common vaccines?
  • What are possible adverse vaccine reactions?
  • Are vaccines linked to cancer?
  • Can vaccines cause permanent damage?
  • What are all of your options?

Dozens of frequently asked questions like this will be addressed in this free online event.

It’s been a hot-button issue and has been a debated topic for more than 80 years now.

I’m sure you’ve seen the heart-wrenching and polarizing debates surrounding vaccines.

Why Attend?

Leading experts from all over the world will share the latest ground-breaking discoveries, shatter the myths, to show you the un-biased reality in The Truth About Vaccines documentary series.

The mission here is to get educated, get answers and discover real solutions on this controversial topic that brings so much fear to parents.

Note: Please know that the promoters of this event are staying neutral on this topic. They aren’t anti or pro vaccine. They’re pro sharing the truth and will share all sides of the topic and allow the viewers to decide.

More info here: https://tinyurl.com/TruthAboutVaccines2017

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