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[Video] A roadmap to end aging – TED Talk (Jul 2005)

A true maverick, Aubrey de Grey challenges the most basic assumption underlying the human condition – that aging is inevitable.
The British researcher, argues instead that aging is a disease – one that can be cured if it’s approached as “an engineering problem.”
His plan calls for identifying all the components that cause human tissue to age, and designing remedies for each of them — forestalling disease and eventually pushing back death.
Humans age in seven basic ways, he says, all of which can be averted.
“In the future it will no longer be possible to believe that aging is inevitable in humans, since it’s been postponed so very effectively in mice.
So we’re likely to end up with a very strong change in people’s attitudes, and of course that has enormous implications.
We actually know how to fix molecules damage, in mice, in principle – and what I mean by in principle is, we probably can actually implement these fixes within a decade.”
, he said.

With his astonishingly long beard, de Grey is a magnet for controversy.
But the scientific community doesn’t know what to make of him.
In July 2005, the MIT Technology Review challenged scientists to disprove de Grey’s claims, offering a $20,000 prize!
Watch the full video below:

More info at: http://www.ted.com/talks/aubrey_de_grey_says_we_can_avoid_aging

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