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Jack LaLanne - fitness guru

Jack LaLanne, the fitness guru’s legacy can help you live longer and stronger

For almost 100 years, this guy had been the picture of health, inspiring people by walking the walk.
He didn’t just create a workout show, he did his own routines regularly.
He didn’t just hawk a juice machine, he drank his fruit and veggie concoctions religiously.
He was his own walking advertisement.
LaLanne lived an active lifestyle for 96 years, with his only major health condition being heart surgery—at age 95.

Because of his strength and endurance, even in his 90s, LaLanne was often referred to as the “godfather of fitness.”
He was the first to open a health club in the United States and to have an exercise show on television.
Some doctors reportedly advised their patients not to go to his gym and labeled him a health nut.
LaLanne actively looked for customers, offering to help reshape their bodies.

Encouraging people to do weight training, he even developed several fitness devices, including the first leg extension machine.
His club also had a snack bar offering healthy foods as LaLanne advocated good nutrition as an important part of getting in shape.
“Eat right and you can’t go wrong,” he once said.

He offered a lot of advice to his audience, including the following comments: “your waistline is your lifeline”, “ten seconds on the lips and a lifetime on the hips” and “people don’t die of old age, they die of inactivity.”
Not only did he talk the talk about fitness, LaLanne definitely walked the walk, winning the Mr. America competition in 1955.
He is a perfect example of the truth of his own statement. For contrast to the photos below, take a look at Jack LaLanne through the years:

Age 40 Age 71 Age 93
Age 40 Age 71 Age 93

At a time when many might be slowing down, LaLanne proved how strong and healthy he was when he turned 70.
At age of 70, he swam a 1.5-mile section of Long Beach Harbor while towing 70 people in 70 boats.
If that was not enough, LaLanne was also handcuffed and shackled at the time.

He was certainly a man ahead of his time and a major testimony to how exercise and optimal nutrition can help preserve you. He is a phenomenal role model for all of us.
Here are some top-notch tips we can extract from his legacy that will help you live longer and stronger:

Lift Lighter Weights at Higher Reps:
Lifting to muscle fatigue with lighter weights is as effective as lifting with heavy weights—and can be especially beneficial as you age because our ability to recover is compromised as you age. So lift lighter, but to fatigue and you’ll have less damage to muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints, while still experiencing effective muscle growth,” says study author Stuart M. Phillips, Ph.D. FACN, FACSM Professor & Associate Chair Graduate Studies Department of Kinesiology.

Focus on Fruits and Vegetables:
LaLanne’s diet consisted mostly of raw fruits and veggies, egg whites and fatty fishes like salmon, a take on the Mediterranean diet. Wise choice, says Lisa Tartamella, R.D, a sports nutritionist at Yale University.

“Adopting a Mediterranean eating style, which emphasizes plenty of whole grains, fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts, monounsaturated fats, and lean protein from primarily fish rather than meat and poultry may have many health benefits, like reducing the risk for heart disease and some cancers, including those of the stomach, skin and colon,” says Tartamella.

Work for Yourself:
From his TV show to his juicers to his gyms, LaLanne was an entrepreneur from the start. And while it wasn’t always easy going—he was called a “charlatan” early on—he probably reaped benefits from being without a boss. According to Pew research, self-employed workers are significantly happier than 9-5ers. Not a good time to go out on your own? Try to get on some projects that you can self-direct.

Have a Happy Wife and Happy Life:
Elaine LaLanne and Jack were pretty much inseparable for 51 years of marriage—and they seemed happy, healthy and successful, together.
“An added benefit of marriage is when you know you have one partner who you can always turn to, it allows you to let down your guard. It frees a man up to be able to achieve things in other areas,” say Scott Haltzman, M.D. and author of The Secrets of Happily Married Men.
LaLanne also boasted about having sex regularly, and Haltzman says that’s a smart strategy for longevity, too. “It burns off calories, increases your heart rate and gets blood flowing throughout your body,” says Haltzman.
Source: Jack LaLanne The fitness guru’s legacy can help you live longer and stronger (mensfitness.com)

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